About the Album
The album effort was kicked off in winter 2007. Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch! is a three disc compilation paying tribute to Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars. the album was mastered by Videogame Orchestra. The album was released May 25th, 2008.
About the Artists
The bands and artists found on this album come from many places, genres, and scenes, and all the artists are incredibly talented at what they do! Find out more about the artists at their websites in the Links section.
About The Artwork
The artwork for the main album was done by the amazing Rory Muldoon of Elfonso, and the B-Sides artwork was created by Leo Camacho of Platformer and Push Start.
About the game Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, released as simply Super Mario RPG in Japan, is a hybrid adventure/console role-playing game, developed and published by Square (now Square Enix) and Nintendo. Nintendo first released the game on March 9, 1996 in Japan and on May 13, 1996 in North America. Neither Nintendo nor Squaresoft ever released a PAL version.
Super Mario RPG is the final Mario game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game console, as well as being one of the last games Square produced for Nintendo hardware until 2002. Square mainly developed the game, with direct guidance from producer Shigeru Miyamoto. [from the wikipedia entry]
About the music from Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars
The music of the video game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars was composed by Yoko Shimomura. The soundtrack features several musical pieces from both the Mario and Final Fantasy series, including songs such as Koji Kondo’s “Overworld theme” from Super Mario Bros. and Nobuo Uematsu’s “Fanfare” from Final Fantasy IV. [from the wikipedia entry]
Also be sure to check out Episode 20: The Music of the Mushroom Kingdom of the Into the Score Podcast for a great audio podcast covering the original music from the game. Click here to check out Episode 20!

About Game Music 4 All
Game Music 4 All [gamemusic4all.com] is a website that brings news on all aspects of the Video game inspired music culture. The website was created by Jake, Corey, and Anthony in June 2006.
All characters, art and music original copyright to Nintendo/Square-Enix and original creators.