B-type began making Nerdcore 3 years ago on a Casio keyboard and a broken bass guitar. Abandoning both instruments in an effort to sound good, the artist formerly known as MisterB flows upon an eclectic array of beats, including his own creepy yet positive instrumentals, using his childhood indulgences as a metaphor for things that happen in a human head.

While frequently juvenile, occasionally aggressive and often kinda pointless, B-Type’s biggest fear is that people will realize his tracks are all about just wanting a cuddle once in a while.

Based in the North of England, occasionally performing as part of the Superpowerless live band, and co-hosting GM4A affiliated podcast “Letters vs. Numbers“, B-Type spends time between recording sessions making little youtube videos.


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B-Type unleashes a firestorm of unreleased material, and you would think such a volley of vitriol would not go unnoticed, but you'd be wrong...because it just snuck up RIGHT BEHIND YOU!
Listen to an EP of tracks all produced and written in under just 24 hours!
The first full length release from B-Type on GM4A Records

  • http://www.myspace.com/actionadventureworld Robert Sloan

    What’s going on beautiful :D

  • BlackStar

    I have been in search of MisterB for a while now.
    After Duane’s Vigilantes i doubled my efforts.
    Who would have thought that B-Type was the guy.