B-Type – Haunts

Started in the early hours of October 30th. Finished about 7 hours later. Just in time for Halloween.

All beats by B-Type, and all lyrics by B-Type except D_Bane and Wire Fixersons parts. They totally wrote their own lyrics!

Happy Halloween!

Download (.ZIP file, 320 kbps MP3, 40MB)
[download id="36"]

1 – 104
2 – Empty Home
3 – Stealing Candy (feat. Wire Fixerson)
4 – The Tale of the Tin Terror
-4a Better than Human
-4b Giant Robot
-4c Does Not Compute
7 – You Are Dead (feat. D_Bane)

Projekt Zero, who was going to make this a split ep, but went to bed instead. D_Bane, for dropping hella bars hella quick and being mecha professional and nice re: my laziness. Wire Fixerson, for rapping raps with skill and then going to bed. Jollimus, for the album art with lots of ghosts, and for not drawing Patrick Swayze. Genoboost, for being my benevolent leader. Snowy, for giving me the idea of doing a pokemon song!

Some of these songs will be all spruced up and will appear on my next full album, Hugs! Guess which ones!

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Thanks for listening and reading, Peace!

Love and Kisses,

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