Action Adventure World v.s. ThePlasmas – Vol. 1 Ghosts n Goblins

Welcome to a world that is incomprehensibly dangerous. A world of ghosts, of goblins…of heavy metal power guitar solos and in your face rap.

Traverse several harrowing worlds alongside the music of ThePlasmas and the sounds of Action Adventure World in their first full collaborative EP dedicated to the NES classic Ghosts n Goblins. Also check out a brand new version that kicked off this epic team up with the bonus track Contra 2010

Download (.ZIP file, VBR kbps MP3, 18MB)
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  1. They Kidnapped The Princess (Intro)
  2. Zombie Killing, Blood Spilling (Overworld #1)
  3. Heart Of A Warrior (Overworld #2)
  4. Leave The Killing To Me (Overworld #3)
  5. Astaroth Watch Your Face Go Boom! (Boss)
  6. End Of This Quest (Ending)
  7. Contra 2010 (Bonus Track)

Released: 2010
All Music Arranged by ThePlasmas
All Lyrics, Screams, and Vocal Stuff by ACTION ADVENTURE WORLD
Cover Art by Filip Z Konopi (You RULE man!)
GM4A Records album #GM4A-03

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  • Sabin le Rose

    This is pretty damn epic.

  • Sabin le Rose

    Sweet oldschool goodness.

  • brisk

    greatest ever, would like moar

    • Robert Sloan

      Follow us on Myspace, we do have another collab coming up with The Plasmas that is going to 100% mega.

  • Kool Skull

    freakin’ sweet!

  • Vert

    This is the first time I’ve heard you guys and I like it very much! A strange mix of genres that you have made extremely well! Congratulations! I look forward to your next collab!

    • Duane

      Me too… Mega Man 6 is a beast!

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  • Kognitox

    GOGO MEGAMAN 6, hopefully it’s as good as your other megaman song bro

  • manualde

    yeah megaman 6 is tha best and I like the sonic song XDDDD

  • Oleg

    Yeah – I agree yeah megaman 6 is tha best !!

  • Deafforever

    Hooooleeeeey sheeeeeet
    Thanks a bunch for this